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Scott James Tyler

Personal Training


Hi I'm Scott James Tyler, a REPs Level 3 qualified and insured Personal Trainer working in Kibworth.

I come from a sporting background having represented Northamptonshire County in football and athletics.


My Personal Training is backed up with over 10 years of gym experience and research,

with 4 years as a PT and 4000+ one-to-one sessions delivered.

I am passionate about building muscle and losing fat in a natural, healthy way,

and dedicated to helping others transition to a healthier, more active lifestyle.

My Personal Training methods have helped many people transform into

stronger, leaner, happier versions of themselves.

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1 hour One-to-One Personal Training

My Personal Training Service includes:
- Initial Consultation and Goal Setting
- Personalised Diet Coaching

- Individually Tailored Training Programme

- Periodic Progress Updates

Single Session - £35

10 Session Block - £300

Couples Session - £45

10 Session Block - £400

"I started training with Scott just over a year ago. I responded to a flyer he put through my door, It arrived at the perfect time. I don't mind saying that I was in need of help physically and mentally at the time. When I started training I was unable to look at myself in the mirror, which is a problem when they are floor to ceiling! Over the months of one to one training, Scott has encouraged me to become the person I want to be, I am now confident with myself and my fitness levels are better than they were 20yrs ago. Scott has a way of encouraging to suit your needs. I can totally recommend him as a personal trainer and look forward to becoming even better and even look forward to my gym sessions, something I never thought I would ever say!"

Tina George

"I am really pleased that I found Scott to be my personal trainer. As a very unfit Mum of one, I felt daunted by the gym but struggled to motivate myself to get out and go running or to sit on an exercise bike. Scott has introduced me to a varied and challenging regime of weights and resistance training. I feel toned, energised and motivated. Scott offers dietary advice and ensures that your training is safe but progressive. Having a personal trainer makes you do it. There are no excuses!"

Andrea Gilbert

"Scott really took into account my likes and dislikes and made a unique program for me. He made sure I did every exercise with great form (he is insanely accurate and great at demonstrating proper techniques!), and had no problems changing things up when I was interested in making gains in different muscle groups. I saw great results working with Scott and really enjoyed our sessions, even though they were incredibly challenging. I feel like thanks to Scott I have a much greater knowledge in regards to fitness as he would not just show me what to do physically but he would also explain why. He gave me great tips on nutrition, and tips on how to make my time in the gym really count! I highly recommend Scott to anyone looking to gain knowledge, gain muscle or lose a few pounds because his programs work!"

Shannan Clost

"Really friendly PT, with honest and helpful advice. Would never have achieved the same results without him."

Eleanor Fines

"Scott's knowledge and encouragement is unmatched. He helped me break my training plateaus in his sessions and continues to help me get better week by week. Great trainer"

Josh Day


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